This is the biggest collection of TazsAngel’s videos from everyone all in one place. We update this post often as we find more and more videos of the Miami Taz’s Angel’s group.

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We gather the latest twerking videos that the TazsAngels post on their Twitter and Instagram and post them all on here. Please check back for more.. All of the group of TazsAngels twerking in their Christmas outfits before a Christmas party:

Mostly TazsAngel’s AB twerking:

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TazsAngels Bootcamp Workout is an Instagram account that the Taz Angels group put together to help others in their workout and diet regimens. They get questions and admiration from all over the world and other girls for their super fit, slim bodies and they want to know the secret to staying in shape.

Checkout: @tazsangelsbootcamp




TazsAngels is a group of Miami women that have gotten famous from their Instagram account. If you’ve ever checked the Popular page; at any time one of the girls are on there. They are extremely fit and love to have fun. They all live inside the same house where they are provided the life by a guy named Taz. Rumors are that he is their pimp and that CatDaGreat is the madame that goes out to recruit; this is all rumors so no one really knows what they do.

So far; they have a clothing brand that’s coming out soon and also do a Bootcamp Workout. More information about the group coming soon…

So far; the women of the group are:

  • CatDaGreat
  • AB
  • Kinky
  • Ruby
  • Leena
  • Ana Montanaa



These are strictly just rumors; but Taz is the pimp out of the group. He sets up the TazAngel girls as escorts for ballers, celebrities, and athletes. He groups the girls into a house and gives them lots of money, clothes, shoes, and of course drinks and alcohol. The only thing they have to do is stay in shape and go out when he wants them to.

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These are just a few pictures of the TazAngels in VIP and popping bottles inside the club or random pictures of them making out in the club scene.

tazsangels-club-pictures- tazsangels-club-pictures-2

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Pictures of the TazsAngels group! This is the largest collection of pictures that can be found anywhere on the internet! Enjoy the automatic scrolling! Click on any of them to open them up into a bigger size to view…


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This is the most popular girl from the Taz’s Angels group and is actually my favorite. She has a blonde curl hair and dances the most out of all their videos. Imagine when how she would look if she straightened her hair. Her Instagram: @tazsangel_ab




Ruby Sayed is one of the six girls that stays at the Taz’s House in Miami. She is gorgeous; long dark hair with a pretty face and body to die for.

Her Instagram is @rubysayed_ – Look her up on there.

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