This is the most popular girl from the Taz’s Angels group and is actually my favorite. She has a blonde curl hair and dances the most out of all their videos. Imagine when how she would look if she straightened her hair. Her Instagram: @tazsangel_ab




Leena Sayed is Ruby Sayed’s sister and she lives in Taz’s House as well. Both of them are Afghan. Her instagram is @leenasayed_




Ruby Sayed is one of the six girls that stays at the Taz’s House in Miami. She is gorgeous; long dark hair with a pretty face and body to die for.

Her Instagram is @rubysayed_ – Look her up on there.



Who is Cat The Great of TazsAngels? Catherine is the leader, the boss, the alpha female.. one of the first members of the group. A recruiter. She’s Dominican and shows every bit of her boss attitude.

Her Instagram: @catdagreat

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