These are strictly just rumors; but Taz is the pimp out of the group. He sets up the TazAngel girls as escorts for ballers, celebrities, and athletes. He groups the girls into a house and gives them lots of money, clothes, shoes, and of course drinks and alcohol. The only thing they have to do is stay in shape and go out when he wants them to.

But who really knows….


These are just a few pictures of the TazAngels in VIP and popping bottles inside the club or random pictures of them making out in the club scene.

tazsangels-club-pictures- tazsangels-club-pictures-2

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Pictures of the TazsAngels group! This is the largest collection of pictures that can be found anywhere on the internet! Enjoy the automatic scrolling! Click on any of them to open them up into a bigger size to view…


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Another girl that stays inside the Taz House; her Instagram name: @kinkyissofly


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